International Workshop on Cyber-Physical Technologies for Early Childhood Education

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Shangdong Yingcai University
No 2, Yingcai Road
Jinan, Shangdong, P. R. China

Cyber-Physical technologies are characterized by the interactive sensing, monitoring and response among human beings and surrounding environment. Considering early childhood education, cyber-physical technologies may be broadly applied to a variety of aspects of early childhood education, including cognitive development, quality assessment, curriculum design, multimodal learning, etc. The interdisciplinary nature of this area poses fundamental challenges in design, implementation and optimization of relevant systems and products of practical utility. To this end, innovative methodologies addressing these unique challenges, such as the fast increase of problem scale and complexity, the close interaction between dynamic environment and human activity, the significant uncertainties in sensor readings, the deployment of distributed architectural platforms and the tight real-time constraints, are highly desired. This workshop will present the state-of-the-art research results on the cyber-physical technologies for early childhood education, and stimulate researchers from multiple communities to participate in this interdisciplinary area.

Technical papers focusing on cyber-physical technologies for early childhood education are invited. The leading author of each accepted paper is expected to present the proposed work for 30 minutes (25-minute presentation + 5-minute QA) at the workshop. The workshop will NOT publish official proceedings for accepted papers.

The workshop is technically sponsored by IEEE Technical Committee on Cyber-Physical Systems.